Stephanie Eche - Artist

Stephanie Eche - Artist

Stephanie Eche is a Chicana artist based in Brooklyn, NY and originally from Phoenix, Arizona. She uses found materials, natural fibers, oil, and watercolor to create soft sculptures, works on paper, and paintings. Stephanie is influenced by Huichol yarn painting, Zapotec weaving, abstraction, her personal experiences, cultural studies, and literature.

Stephanie's work would look great in your apartment or office. Please contact her to purchase.


Photography by Sean P Watters
Featuring Song sofa in marigold velvet by Brooklyn Space


"Ramona" is named after my great-grandmother and part of a series that explores the erasure of indigenous cultures as a result of colonization and capitalism, including the assimilation of my Chicana family, both in central Mexico and more recently in Los Angeles, California, and Phoenix, Arizona. Drawing inspiration from Huichol art and mythology, Zapotec weaving, my own memories, family research, and literature, I create imagery that helps me reclaim and understand my mestizo heritage.


"I'm trying to shape time.

The piece is hand woven with natural wool, wire, and a black cotton warp."





Brooklyn Space does not take a fee or commission, all art sales go directly to the artist.

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