Care Instructions

Brooklyn Space makes high-quality pieces that are made to last. Most of our pieces are made with velvet fabric. Because of its luxurious texture and beautiful sheen, people often think velvet is delicate. In fact, our fabric holds up well to the general wear and tear that a sofa experiences, especially if you take good care of it. Follow these general care guidelines to keep your Brooklyn Space sofa looking new!

  • Blot spills immediately using a dry rag or paper towel (Do not press hard! The key to blotting is a light, gentle touch; you want to soak up the liquid off the surface of the fabric, being careful not to push it deeper into the fibers.)
  • You can use regular dish soap to clean up stains! Simply add a few drops to warm or tepid (not hot!) water, enough to create some suds. Always always always do the spot test first! Find a hidden spot on the back of your sofa and test a small amount of your soap solution. Check for any discoloration or changes in texture. If it seems to have worked well with the fabric, then go ahead and use it on the spill.
  • Brush or vacuum dry messes (including pet hair!) with a soft brush attachment. Be sure to use the soft brush attachment or a soft bristle brush to avoid nicking the fabric.
  • If the velvet develops any creases that can’t be brushed out with a soft bristled brush, use a handheld steamer on the lowest setting. Spot test applies here as well!
  • Years of direct sunlight can cause fabrics to fade. Do your best to avoid placing sofas in an area that will constantly receive direct sunlight. Pro-tip! Use a throw blanket to cover any spots that get extra sun (and add some color and texture variation)