"Sofa Will Fit" Guarantee - 100% refund if the sofa doesn't fit into your apartment.

Have you found your dream Brooklyn Space sofa but are concerned it won't fit into your apartment? 

Buying new furniture is hard enough before considering if the new (furniture) love-of-your-life can actually be delivered to your home.

To bring peace to your living room furnishing journey, Brooklyn Space guarantees Introspect and Stately sofas will fit into any NYC apartment. If the sofa doesn't fit, we will refund your entire purchase - no risk!

Introspect and Stately are our best selling sofas (both are stunning, super comfortable and perfect for studio apartments). The legs are attached onsite, making them easy to squeeze through tight spaces and into your living room.

Our in-house delivery team is expert at making your dream sofa fit into your space, even in cramped New York City buildings and apartments with tight corners ("pivot" anyone?).

Introspect modern sofa
Please note this only applies to Introspect and Stately sofas delivered to New York City. Please contact us if you are interested in another Brooklyn Space model and you would like to discuss if it will fit into your apartment.

If the sofa fits into your apartment and you decide to return it, please refer to our 100 day trial.