Harold A. Waight - Art Brand

Harold A. Waight - Art Brand

Harold A. Waight Art is a Brooklyn-based Art Brand specializing in revolutionary ways of changing perception through paintings to deliver an all-inclusive experience. His work is aimed towards unifying humanity by bringing awareness to topics of interest that are of close relevance to himself and to those he loves. These pieces oftentimes reflect movements, conditions, and perceptions, including Women's Rights, LGBTQ+, BLM, HIV, Cancer, Lupus, Mental Health, and more.

Harold graduated from Miami Dade College receiving his A.S. degree in Photographic Technology and received his Image Consulting Certificate from the Fashion Institute of Technology. To learn more about Harold, please visit haroldwaight.com and check him out on social media by following @haroldwaight on Instagram.


"What It Feels Like" is an immersive pop-up art gallery showcasing emerging Black Artists. The show highlights the joys and sorrows of what it feels like to be an artist; to be seen; to feel unheard; or to be an Artist of color in the art world today.

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Photographer: Azikiwe Aboagye @_azikiwe_

Featured Sofa: Monroe in White Fabric


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