Nationwide shipping now available!


We're a Brooklyn-owned small business. Since we opened in 2018, we've offered delivery to New York City +200 miles (Boston, Providence, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, DC). After receiving much love and support from people all across the country, we are now offering delivery nationwide.

One of the reasons we did not deliver nationwide before is the high cost of shipping furniture.

The only way we are able to offer nationwide delivery is by charging for delivery and (should you decide to return) unsubsidized return shipping.

Despite what is often advertised, shipping is never free - the customer is always paying for it. Instead of burying the shipping cost in the price of the furniture, we think it is most fair to our local customers to charge shipping based on the actual cost to deliver to each customer.

If you have questions about our sofas, chairs or other pieces, please contact us. Please click to read our 100 day trial.