5 ways Brooklyn Space saves you thousands of dollars

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5 ways Brooklyn Space charges less for luxury furniture.

Furniture is either ugly and expensive, or beautiful and ridiculously expensive.
Why is this?
We've found several ways to offer incredible centerpieces for your living room without the ridiculous furniture markup.

  1. Low rent and overhead - Instead of paying $250,000,000 in rent for a gorgeous, convenient showroom, our showroom is inconveniently located in the 6th floor of a warehouse building with inconvenient hours. Why? Because it saves you money. We even ask you to make an appointment - how ridiculous!
  2. No opulent spending - Luxury brands love to throw opulent parties and pay famous people to prove how luxurious they are. We run a frugal, Kardashian-less business.
  3. Direct to consumer - We cut out the middleman (a surprising number of furniture retailers still use middlemen, which drives up the price without benefiting you).
  4. No investors to answer to - We're 100% Brooklyn owned, and only have our customers and staff to answer to. We make decisions based on what is best for our customers and team, not short term profit.
  5. Automation - Our talented and friendly staff helps you find a great sofa in our showroom and by email. Manual tasks are automated.

Want to see more of our stunning sofas in chairs? Visit our showroom or shop our website.