Customer images and reviews

"I'm a realtor with a beautiful listing in Ridgewood, Queens that I needed to get staged quickly. Brooklyn Space came through with a delivery of a gorgeous sofa a mere 25 hours after I placed my order. Every step of the process was warm and engaged, from the call to the installation. This spectacular loft really shines with the 8 foot plus deco influenced Eloquence in subtle off white. The real bonus is their dedication to using non toxic materials means that the seller's cats are safe from hazardous fumes and toxins. I could not be happier, and my clients are thrilled too."

Molly Franklin

I am absolutely blown away by this company! The couch itself is a dream but it’s the customer service, reasonable pricing, and sustainable mission that really makes Brooklyn Space a special brand. Spending every minute on this comfortable and beautiful piece!"

-Madeline, Borough Park


“Love that the color picks up on patina of the old the buildings outside and the backsplash in the kitchen. So happy!!! Thank you!”

-Ruby, Williamsburg