What is velvet, anyway?

Velvet fabric swatches

Velvet is a beautiful, soft, shimmering fabric often associated with luxury. Historically velvet was made from silk and worn by royalty!

Nowadays, velvet is much more commonplace, as it is no longer made exclusively from silk. Click here to see how easy it is to keep our velvets clean. People often think velvet is a certain type of material; in fact, velvet fabric is set apart by the weave of the material. It’s characterized by its even pile height which is created on a special loom.

All of our fabrics, including our velvets, are cotton-based, meaning they’re primarily made from real, biodegradable raw materials, rather than synthetic materials. Synthetics pollute the environment just as plastic does, and we do not currently have the technology to dispose of such materials, accounting for the pollution of our lands and seas. Plus, synthetic fabrics require more energy to manufacture, meaning more emissions.

However, natural fibers like cotton have their own environmental impact. A circular economy in which materials are completely recycled and no new resources are used is ideal (and possible!). At Brooklyn Space, we do our best to contribute to this mission by upcycling your old sofa so that it avoids the landfill.

Regardless of fabric, the best thing you can do for the environment is buy less! So go with a quality sofa that will last for years to come, rather than the cheap (and cheaply made) sofa that might only last a year or two.

Featured sofa: Monroe in rosé velvet