Introducing Brooklyn Space living room sets - design your dream mid-century living room in seconds!

mid-century modern living room set

Brooklyn Space is proud to present mid-century modern (MCM) living room sets, designed to elevate your home with a touch of timeless elegance - in just a few clicks! Inspired by the iconic designs of the mid-20th century, our MCM sofas, accent chairs, credenzas, and coffee tables are meticulously crafted to bring sophistication and style to any living space.

mcm living room set with grey velvet couch and pink accent chairs

The centerpiece of this collection is our exquisite sofa collection. The subtle, art deco modern Stately sofa is our best seller, while the classic mid-century modern Introspect (our most comfortable couch?) follows close behind. The endless serpentine curves of Monroe is the focal point of any living room, and Harmony sofa is a futuristic design that is as comfortable as it is striking. For those with more living room space, our configurable Eloquence Modern Sectional is a sophisticated combination of style and cloud-like comfort.

Crafted with clean lines and classic silhouettes, these sofas pay homage to the mid-century aesthetic while embracing the demands of modern living. And all of these sofas are in stock in multiple colors for 5-7 day delivery!

comfortable mcm accent chair with stiletto legs

Complementing our sofas are the accent chairs that infuse a pop of personality into any space. Each chair is a work of art that invites relaxation and conversation. The most popular is Benevolence modern accent chair, which may be the most comfortable chair on earth!

Our credenzas, with their minimalist designs, provide both style and storage. The clean, futuristic lines of Metropolis credenza are perfect for showcasing your prized possessions, and the one-of-a-kind swirling engraving of Ring sideboard make any  living room chic while keeping your space organized.

mcm modern credenza with curved wood engraving

Completing the balance form and function for the ensemble is Ellipse round coffee table. With the mix of a concave wood design and steel base, the table's industrial look is as much conversation starters as it is a practical addition to your living room.

Brooklyn Space's mid-century modern collection encapsulates the nostalgia of yesteryear and the demands of today's living. Our living room sets redefine sophistication and comfort, inviting you to embrace the charm of a bygone era while reveling in the luxuries of the present.

midcentury modern living room set for quickship delivery

Visit our showroom and let our knowledgeable staff guide you through our collection. Experience the comfort, style, and exclusivity of  Brooklyn Space's mid-century modern living room sets.

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