Shaneika Marson - Visual Artist

Shaneika Marson - Visual Artist

Shaneika on Arpeggio Sofa in Marigold Velvet

Shaneika is a self-taught artist who tends to hoard and collect aspects of inspiration from her idols in her line of work. She describes her art as being both her diary and her therapist, something personal that she only chooses to share with an audience once she feels less of an emotional attachment towards it.

Based in Brooklyn, Shaneika’s art is very honest in its content, a swinging door of interchangeable style with a common undertone of color and texture. Check her out on social media by following @_cultureshock_ on Instagram.


"What It Feels Like" is an immersive pop-up art gallery showcasing emerging Black Artists. The show highlights the joys and sorrows of what it feels like to be an artist; to be seen; to feel unheard; or to be an Artist of color in the art world today.

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Photography by: Azikiwe Aboagye @_azikiwe_

Shaneika on Arpeggio sofa in Marigold velvet

Featured Sofa: Arpeggio in Marigold Velvet

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