Quentarius Higgins - Visual Artist

Quentarius Higgins - Visual Artist

Quentarius Higgins sits on Introspect modern velvet sofa in gray

Quentarius Higgins is a Brooklyn-based artist who discovered the bases of his techniques in his hometown Atlanta, Georgia. In 2010, Quentarius was jobless for a year after discovering he had a skin condition called keloids, which changed the way he looked at life. After being denied multiple jobs, Quentarius saw this as a challenge and focused on creating a new style inspired by feathers using Sharpie Markers and ink, which later became his signature mode.

Quentarius moved to New York to rediscover himself and allow the beauty of the city to inspire his new body of work. Fashion, Architecture, Nature, and Human connections all helped to nurture his work. Every piece by Quentarius is hand-drawn using Sharpie Markers, Ink, PrismaColor Markers, and (sometimes) Swarovski Crystals. When viewing his work, the viewer should allow the feathers to direct their eyes for the full effect. Each line represents every ounce of strength Quentarius has had to put out into the world to combat against what society expects of him as a Black gay artist. Check him out on social media by following @qs_dream on Instagram.


"What It Feels Like" is an immersive pop-up art gallery showcasing emerging Black Artists. The show highlights the joys and sorrows of what it feels like to be an artist; to be seen; to feel unheard; or to be an Artist of color in the art world today.

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Photographer: Azikiwe Aboagye @_azikiwe_

Quentarius Higgins sitting on Infinity gray velvet couch

Quentarius Higgins leans against Infinity gray velvet modern couch

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