Nicolette McClendon - Curator of What It Feels Like

Nicolette McClendon - Curator of What It Feels Like


Nicolette McClendon is a Visual Storyteller and multi-hyphenated artist living and working in Brooklyn. A classically trained charcoal artist, Nicolette moved to New York from Miami in 2013 to continue her career in Fashion. After leaving her corporate career in New York due to the pandemic, Nicolette utilized her artistic eye for aesthetics, styling, and merchandising to start creative directing collaborative Photo Styling Projects that highlight and emphasize the work of Black Creatives around New York.

Nicolette pulls from her Caribbean heritage and her African Studies at Howard University to visually tell the stories of Pan-Africanism and the Black Diasporas through the emotion and passion found in her charcoal and photojournalistic work. She is also an advocate for pediatric medicine and care, and was a 2011 Miami Children’s Hospital Foundation Fundraiser Gala Speaker. To learn more about Nicolette, please visit and check her out on social media by following @2welve and @charcoalartist12 on Instagram.


"What It Feels Like" is an immersive pop-up art gallery showcasing emerging Black Artists. The show highlights the joys and sorrows of what it feels like to be an artist; to be seen; to feel unheard; or to be an Artist of color in the art world today.

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Photographer: Azikiwe Aboagye @_azikiwe_

Featured Sofa: Stately in Emerald Green Velvet

Featured Sofa: Infinity in Marigold Velvet

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