Erica Mancini - LatinX Vocalist, Accordianist & Multi Instrumentalist

We were so excited to have musician Erica Mancini and photographer Sam Henriques in our Brooklyn showroom for a wonderful artist collaboration!

Erica Mancini is a Latinx accordionist/vocalist/multi-instrumentalist based in New York City. Her eclectic repertoire explores folk music from around the world, as well as Americana, jazz, and contemporary improvisation.

Her electroacoustic solo improvisations and compositions, as well as aerial accordion circus performances, are testaments to the versatile and unique approach she has on her instrument.

Mancini’s original groups include psychedelic cumbia surf band, La Banda Chuska, and a cosmic spaghetti western project, Ghost Pony. She also can be found performing with Smokey’s Round Up, The Irondale Ensemble Project, and The Walter Thompson Orchestra.


Music & Styling | @ericamariemancini
Photography | @samiamcamera

Behind the Scenes: