Cozy Picnic in the Garden - Installation

Cozy Picnic in the Garden - Installation

Cozy Picnic in the Garden is an installation on view at the Brooklyn Space showroom by visual artist Siena Ward. The installation was inspired by the surrealism of Alice in Wonderland and the romanticism of French Impressionist paintings, such as Édouard Manet’s Le Déjeuner sur l’herbe and Claude Monet’s Le Déjeuner. 

Siena Ward is a Brooklyn based visual artist. She is not classically trained and most of her work is part of private collections.

"I took inspiration from classic paintings, but I wanted this to be ridiculous, like a fairy-tale brought to life. Giant paper flowers, little twirling clouds - it's surreal, but it's also sweet. The idea is almost like, if Marie Antoinette had a picnic, what would it look like? She'd have her parlor furniture lugged outside onto the lawn."

The blue wall was repurposed from a previous Brooklyn Space event. The artist removed all the dried flowers, staples and glue. Then she repainted it and attached the trellis. The flowers, leaves and clouds were hand cut and assembled.  Then the greenery was placed along the trellis so it would seem like they were growing up it. The clouds were hung from piping in the warehouse space, allowing them to spin with the drafts




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