Three perfect sofas for small apartments

Brooklyn Space Dumbo showroom

Livable sofas for tiny apartments.

Most of our showroom visitors are concerned with sofa dimensions, as we're all trying to fit a liveable sofa in our tiny apartments.
So by popular demand, here's the list of our three best sofas for small apartments.
Each of these couches are small for the amount of seating they provide (and absolutely gorgeous!).
And these three models are perfect for apartment buildings with narrow hallways and staircases where furniture is hard to deliver.

Stately modern sofa by Brooklyn Space

Stately Sofa

Stately is a gorgeous minimalist modern design featuring art deco vertical tufting and metal legs that look brassy or gold depending on the light.
To make the stylish couch easier to deliver into your apartment ("PIVOT!!" anyone?), Stately sofa comes with the legs unattached (we simply drill them in place with the included screws). Stately sofa is in stock and ready for delivery in multiple colors (5-7 days in NYC!).

Introspect sofa in evergreen velvet

Introspect Sofa

Introspect features a classic mid-century modern design that is arguably the most comfortable Brooklyn Space sofa. Like Stately, the legs are attached upon delivery.
Introspect sofa is also in stock and ready for delivery in multiple colors.



Eloquence Modular Sectional

"But my apartment has a weird layout."
This is New York - they all do. And that's why we made our brand new sectional modular, so the sectional can fit your one-of-a-kind apartment layout perfectly.
Brand new to our lineup, Eloquence modular sectional is available for pre-order in the color of your choice. Contact us if you would like to customize your setup.

Please visit our Brooklyn showroom and give these great sofas a sit-test!

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